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Assessment Centers

Business and Government get tougher every day… It isn’t the day-to-day stuff that makes it hard, for the most part; you're equipped and trained to handle those. What makes it tougher is the changing social and legal environment in which we work. One of the hardest things to do is to select a quality leader from your pool of candidates. KPS can help you resolve this dilemma through the use of an Assessment Center.

What is an Assessment Center?

Assessment Centers are a personnel selection system that allows an organization to evaluate and select the candidate with the greatest potential for success in a given position. They are collections of exercises and simulations that are designed to evaluate a candidate in real time based upon the actual needs identified in the job analysis. Assessment Centers have been used successfully for many years by industry and government and are the most reliable and most valid of all promotional processes.

Where Did They Originate?

Assessment Centers as they are understood today had their origin in the selection of agents operating for the OSS in World War Two. The OSS (the predecessor of the CIA) used research conducted by others to develop a system that would select agents to work behind enemy lines. After the war, Michigan Bell and other Bell System elements began to research assessment centers for selecting managers. Their research and use of assessment centers met with tremendous success and the process has been enhanced and improved significantly over the ensuing years.

Why are They Better?

Assessment Centers are more reliable and more valid than other promotional process because they take a much broader look at every candidate. The assessment center process uses multiple evaluation tools to look at the potential of each candidate and determine that person’s ability to deliver the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform in the actual work environment.