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Consulting Services

KPS’s consulting services offer quick, reliable evaluation of organizational and training needs. Performing Gap and Front End Analyses in order to improve service and quality is just the beginning. Evaluation of the need for planning, assessment of programs, and writing response plans are all a part of KPS’s experience resume.

Performance Improvement

KPS performs Human Performance Technology based consultation for all kinds of industries.

What is HPT? Human Performance Technology (HPT) has been described as the systematic and systemic identification and removal of barriers to individual and organizational performance.

Using HPT techniques, KPS can help you and your organization move forward.  Many organizational challenges from poor customer service to manufacturing bottlenecks can be resolved through a skilled Front End Analysis, Gap Identification, and Intervention Design.  HPT uses a wide range of interventions that are drawn from many other disciplines including total quality management, process improvement, behavioral psychology, instructional systems design, organizational development and human resources management.  KPS can do all that for you. 

Find out why your organization isn’t working the way you think it should.  Discover the gaps in your operation and fill them with the right intervention.  KPS can help you from the Front End Analysis all the way through the Change Management and to measured success.

HPT stresses a rigorous analysis of the requirements of organization, process and human performance for new design and/or identifying the causes for performance gaps, and attempts to provide new designs and/or solutions to improve and sustain performance, and finally - to evaluate the results against the requirements.

HPT actually solves workplace problems where most other processes simply cover them up. To see a model of how HPT works click the link below: