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Emergency Planning

Crisis Mitigation and Readiness

What do you know about your business’ readiness for an emergency? How vulnerable are you to workplace violence, fire loss, regulatory enforcement, or natural disaster. KPS’s consultants can provide assistance from safety inspections to Post Traumatic Stress Counseling. KPS can deliver a safety consultant right to your door so you will know your risk.

KPS can help you design your plans to manage any of these crisis mitigation issues. We offer a range of critical Crisis Management services, including:

School Safety and Security

KPS has helped school officials design and implement many security and safety measures including comprehensive emergency management plans and school safety audit systems. KPS can act as your project director to keep your planning process on track and on budget or KPS can develop the plan for you and train your teachers and administers in how to use it.

KPS can help you with a wide variety of professional services including:

Disaster Preparedness

It is not a question of if; it is a question of when your organization will experience some kind of disaster.  Whether it is workplace violence, a bomb threat, a hazardous materials release, it will eventually happen.  KPS can help you prepare for an array of disastrous situations through training and planning.  With this planning and training you can minimize the impact that any disaster will have on your ability to continue doing business.  Our professional services include: