public service telecommunication

Public Safety Telecommunicator

Finally a text is available specifically for 9-1-1 Telecommunictors.

public safety telecommunicator

Written to comply to and work from the Florida Public Safety Telecommunicator Educational Framework, this text has all the information needed for both instructors and students. The text addresses the skills and issues associated with both Police, Fire and EMS based PSAPs.

The author, Ken Kincaid, has combined years of experience in public safety and communications as well as hundreds of resources to create a text just for Florida Telecommunicators.

The text is easy to read, with 390 pages, many color and B&W photos, with charts, tables and detailed information. Designed to prepare both the 9-1-1 telecommunicator and the 9-1-1 trainer, this book is perfect to teach from and for those agencies or institutions that are preparing to assemble a curriculum for PSTs.

Chapter 1 Honoring the Past - The History of Public Safety Communications Chapter 11 Communications Technology - Radio Systems
Chapter 2 The Professional Public Safety Telecommunicator Chapter 12 Communications Technology - Telephone Systems
Chapter 3 Dealing with Stress Chapter 13 Communications Technology - Computer Systems
Chapter 4 Understanding Human Communications  Chapter 14 Law Enforcement Operations
Chapter 5 Customer Service in the Communications Center Chapter 15 Fire Service Operations
Chapter 6 Call Taking Chapter 16 Emergency Medical Services Operations
Chapter 7 Critical Thinking and Decision Making Chapter 17 Hazardous Materials Operation
Chapter 8 Courts and Testimony Chapter 18 Emergency Management
Chapter 9 Legal Aspects of Public Safety Chapter 19 Responding to Terror
Chapter 10 Emergency Responder Chapter 20 Resources



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